Quasimodo is the bellringer of the cathedral Notre Dame and the main character of the movie. Because of his deformities his master Judge Claude Frollo keeps him away from the world and forces him to stay in the belltower forever. Although his master is a stone-hearted person Quasimodo is kind and caring. He loves to carve new figures for his miniature of Paris and to observe the citizens from his home. During all this years of loneliness his only friends are the birds nesting on the top of Notre Dame and the three gargoyles Victor, Laverne and Hugo. But when the shy bellringer finally gets the chance to leave Notre Dame he befriends the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda and although he falls in love with her he excepts that she is in love with the Captain of the Guard.
His name means half-formed

Claude Frollo

The Minister of Justice is a cruel intolerant man who tries to clean the city of Paris by getting rid of the gypsies. In his opinion those people influence the citizens in a bad way. For years he searches their secret hideout and his soldiers do their best to make the gypsy society feel uncomfortable. Frollo once killed a gypsy mother and was forced by the archdeacon of Notre Dame to take care of their deformed child. He named the boy Quasimodo and let him live in the belltower, locked away from the world. He thinks of himself as a righteous man, but when he sees the gypsy Esmeralda dance at the Festival of Fools and desires her to be his own Frollo believes he is under a spell of the devil.


The emerald-eyed gypsy girl Esmeralda lives on the street and earns her money from dancing with her pet goat Djali. Esmeralda is a brave, good-hearted soul always there to fight injustice. Together with Djali she always manages to escape Frollo's soldiers who have the orders to imprison all gypsies. When she helps Quasimodo who is tortured by the citizens of Paris she attracts Frollo's attention. The judge, not capable of understanding the desire he is feeling for her, calls out for a witch-hunt. Esmeralda loves her freedom and stands up for what she believes. Although all soldiers are searching the city for her she stays nearby and rescues the Captain of the Guard from beheading.
Her name means emerald

Phoebus de Châteaupers

The courageous soldier returns from a war to his hometown Paris after a long abscence to become the new Captain of the Guard. Judge Frollo wants him to hunt down all gypsies which Phoebus finds weird from the beginning of his duty. When Frollo starts to persecute Esmeralda Phoebus is determinded to pretend her from being captured. He turns against his superior and is about to be killed, but Esmeralda safes the wounded soldier. Together with Quasimodo he tries to warn the gypsies of Frollo's attack. Although Phoebus is sometimes a bit slow-minded he is always up to a sarcastic joke. He and his horse Achilles are an unbeatable team.
His name is ancient greek and means sun god

Clopin Trouillefou

Clopin is a gypsy puppeteer and king of the gypsy society in Paris. Although he is a very funny guy he can be deadly serious when it comes to the safety of his people. He is the master of celebrations and prepares the annual Festival of Fools. When Esmeralda is about to be burned at the stake and gets rescued by Quasimodo Clopin and his gypsies help Phoebus to attack Frollo and the soldiers.
There's a French word clopin-clopant which means to limping


Esmeralda's cute little dancing goat is always at the gypsy's side. He eats everything he gets and is afraid of heights. Djali is trained to retrieve hats with money he and Esmeralda earned. Being persecuted by them all the time he doesn't like soldiers, but he learns to be fond of Phoebus.

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