Song Sharing

I'm collecting Hunchback of Notre Dame CDs  in different languages. I think it's a good idea to share songs here so I hopefully get songs I need.

You can request everything from the list. If you have anything I don't have, please upload it for me. Click on the covers to see what I have and what I still need.

The Original Soundtrack

Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Canadian French Cantonese Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish Flemish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Mandarin Mexican Norwegian Polish Slovak Spanish Swedish Thai


Notre Dame de Paris in French Notre Dame de Paris - English Highlights Notre Dame de Paris - Italian Highlights Notre Dame de Paris - Spanish Highlights
Notre Dame de Paris - Version Symphonique German Musical Disney's Der Glöckner von Notre Dame Best of Musical

Other HoND related CDs:

German Radio Play German Musical for Kids

Other HoND songs/videos I have

 Do you have songs or covers for me or want to make a request?
Do you live in a country where you can get an original soundtrack I don't have yet? Feel free to contact me