Bonjour mes amis. Welcome to my little site dedicated to Disney's masterpiece "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", my favorite animated movie. I did not like the sequel that much *cough*, but I'm a very tolerant person, so I'll have site content of HoND 2 as well.

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25. April 2010:

As you can see we have a new layout now. Soon you will find some information about other HoND versions. The link is already there, but nothing else yet.
Today I have some more voice casts for you: The Italian, Mexican and Swedish voice cast. Thanks to those sending them to me (you can see them at the Voice Cast site)

13. April 2010:

Grace sent me the script to the musical Der Glöckner von Notre Dame in English. Enjoy.
There will also be a new layout this weekend as well as more new stuff.

01. February 2010:

Today's update includes 100 new icons from ladybastet92. She participated in a livejournal icon challenge. Thanks to Grace for showing me the icons. Grace also sent me the Swedish texts of Out There and Heaven's Light.

17. January 2010:

I hope you all had great holidays and 2010 will be a good year. First update this year: The French script of the movie. More new stuff on the way, I got plenty of emails from all over the world within the last few months.

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